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rose in canon d

The downloads will be up later on! Thank you!
What I meant on the “Remake” was the download or the tutorial part was remade (;

Posted by neomah On Aug - 20 - 2010 5 Comments READ FULL POST

darkguy1: Hey there,this is me playing River flows in you by Yiruma.
It is a very beautiful song.Hope you all will like it
I do not have any music sheet for this song,I learn it throught youtube videos. =)
However,I might be making tutorial soon.Depends whether I have any spare free time for it.
Thank you for watching and all comments are welcome!
Note: I’m not watching television.Uhhhh.Really I’m not -_-||
… ..
Alright You got me.I’m

Posted by Dan20071 On Sep - 6 - 2009 3 Comments READ FULL POST

Hello everybody! Many of you have requested this song from my youtube account so here it is. Have fun in learning this excellent song!

Posted by Dan20071 On Jun - 24 - 2009 11 Comments READ FULL POST

So, this is the Canon in D Major!~ ^^

I am so sorry if this is so long!~ I was trying to make it short, but it’s so good that I haven’t done any improvisation..
This piece will have to take a long practice before mastering, so for challengers for this piece.. Good Luck!~

(I would like to see the results when you guys are done^^)

Posted by neomah On May - 13 - 2009 15 Comments READ FULL POST

This is a great song! I just love how it goes from really slow to really fast. However, this is an intermediate song, so it’s an accomplishment if you learn it

Posted by Dan20071 On May - 1 - 2009 17 Comments READ FULL POST

Now this is a classic. Most of you guys know Canon in D, I’ll show you how to play it in C!

Posted by Dan20071 On Apr - 13 - 2009 3 Comments READ FULL POST

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