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This is a tutorial about how to learn to play the song: Anastasia – Once Upon A December, on the piano without having to read sheets.

The video consists of:
- The intro, in which we will have a preview of the song which we are going to learn
- The target, in which I will display the result of the tutorial.

And last but not least:
-The tutorial itself, in which the key notes will be displayed at a slow tempo so that it is easy for you to follow. Please keep in mind that the red keys display the right hand and the blue keys display the left hand.

This lovely melody from Disney’s Anastasia, enchanted me the moment I heard it. Once it was requested, I knew I had and wanted to make the tutorial. I hope you like it just as much as I do. This song is nice to play and agreat oppertunity to impress your friends. Or you can just dream away while playing or listening to it.

*I do not own any rights to the intro clip, all rights go to Disny.inc

Download Anastasia - Once Upon A December Version By GamemasterNL

gamemasternl On June - 9 - 2009

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