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Here’s another cool D.Gray-Man song. It’s beautiful and not very difficult. You can learn it if you really want to.

Download D. Gray-Man - Changin Version by Dan20071

Dan20071 On April - 13 - 2009

6 Responses so far.

  1. avatar Ronda says:

    Grab your headphones, put them on
    And close your eyes…

  2. avatar miliviper says:

    this song always makes me cry

  3. avatar Jun_YL says:

    D.Gray-Man!! finest song in the film. . ♥

  4. avatar darkalice05 says:

    hi dan. u know i’ve mastered some of the keys and ur tutorial is very effective.( i’m a fast learner) ;3

  5. avatar pianoanimefan says:

    i have questen how canu make tutorial and where shall i writ eif i want to request a song that u can make toturial of?

  6. avatar darkshadow1990 says:

    Nice, hey dan could u give me the notes?

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