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Hey guys, Musician is finally here with an all new set of colors to make it a lot easier to learn. Enjoy the video!

BIG TIP: You’ll notice that both the left and right hands have some keys that appear to be hold for a long time. You DON’T need to hold them for the song to sound good. If you try, you’ll fail xD

Download D.Gray-Man - Musician Version by Dan20071

Dan20071 On July - 7 - 2010

11 Responses so far.

  1. avatar Saranna Bose says:

    its a bit hard to follow this way….is there a possibility to get a sheet music of this exact version?

  2. avatar allen walker says:

    nice video

  3. avatar Jun_YL says:

    yes!!!! D,Gray-Man!!

    Musician by kasakurin!! the 14th song!! >,<

    it's excellent!!!

  4. avatar DarkBlueEyedWolf says:

    is there a way i can just download the song?? i love it so much!! xD
    btw, thanks for the tutorial! i love this one, i just finished reunion, and i was going to learn to play this one, and noticed that it was remade! i love this one waaay better than the other one, so i’m glad that i didn’t start the other one xD

  5. avatar Tyki Mikk says:

    Thanks very much sir. I love this song. Can you please send me the sheet music via YouTube mail. User Name: 9540144. Thanks

  6. avatar van_vu says:

    I like this website so much. However,I am very new to the site and dont know how i could have the sheet? It would help me alot!!! I am looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  7. avatar animefreek2000 says:

    What type of piano is this? is it Grand piano or something else?

  8. avatar shonekonyan says:

    thank you so much
    i’ve been waiting for this

    fav song ever i even know the words going to play and sing it


  9. avatar snoozingzalin says:

    Dude this is a really great remade you did!!! I’m a big fan of D.Gray Man and I’m so happy I just finished learning Musician. Thanks a bunch for putting up this tutorial Dan20071 , I appreciate your hard work :]

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