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Hello everybody! Many of you have requested this song from my youtube account so here it is. Have fun in learning this excellent song!

Download Linkin Park - In The End Version by Dan20071

Dan20071 On June - 24 - 2009

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  1. avatar moongodess0241 says:

    all bow to Dan the man
    because he has done it again
    he was done such a good job on this one
    i love this song

  2. avatar hauhi01 says:

    its a such a nice song on the piano cant wait to learn this

  3. avatar Ryux3 says:

    Okay, thanks. ^^

  4. avatar Dan20071 says:

    Yeah, Xald posted it on the forum :)

  5. avatar Ryux3 says:

    My gosh, the MIDI sounds awesome!
    Is there a way for me to get it? :D

  6. avatar cuicuiman says:

    hello dan (sorry if i don’t speak correctly, i’m french ^^). I would like know wath’s the software for make tutorials ! and congratulation for your tutorials, they’re wonderful !

  7. avatar Dan20071 says:

    @cuong40: Yes there are. In this song for example, (and in most really) you can see that the left hand is very repetitive. Try and only do the left hand for about 5 minutes without stopping and when you can do it without making mistakes, try and do it together with the right hand. You can also do this like I do it, and that is trying to play both hands together from the start. You’ll do lot of mistakes at first with this method, but 1 hour of practice today will make you play almost perfectly tomorrow, and all will seam very easy. It’s the way the brain works really, if you get your brain used to the motion, you won’t even have to think of what you’re playing :)

  8. avatar Lilium says:

    Cool ;D
    I love this song, thanks.
    really =)

  9. avatar cuong40 says:

    Is ther a tip 4 ppl who hav a hard time trying to play the keys on both hands on time like simultaniously?

  10. avatar MangaMinx says:

    you rock!!
    this song rules
    and its not so difficuilt to play
    thanks for the tut!!

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