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This is a great song! I just love how it goes from really slow to really fast. However, this is an intermediate song, so it’s an accomplishment if you learn it :)

Dan20071 On May - 1 - 2009

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  2. avatar akyhkim says:

    plz make this song downloadable. i have wanted to learn this song ever since i first heard it beautiful!

  3. avatar baconnlegs says:

    this is so beautiful!

  4. avatar Rav86pl says:

    I love this song, definitely on my “must learn” list song ;), but for now its still a bit to hard for me

  5. avatar PeyPeyPiano says:

    plzzzz make this downloadable T.T

  6. avatar jorddyy says:

    Please make a tut of Maybe ^^ thank you

  7. avatar Darkangelmoon says:

    Downloadbutton please, since my explorer sometimes just decides that it should stop working and shut it down without a good reason -.-

  8. avatar kennethpaul says:

    please make this downloadable, i made an account just for this song and final fantasy VIII

  9. avatar oh-fee says:

    Beautiful song !!

  10. avatar meli says:

    PWEASE post download link :) Beautiful song !!

  11. avatar Renji_loves_cheese says:

    i think this song should be downloadable

  12. avatar m3kh4 says:

    when will this song be downloadable?

  13. avatar wanderer says:

    I would like to request the song also =]

  14. avatar GrimmjowJaggerjack says:

    me three i request this song it sounds so beautiful.

  15. avatar kikyou1 says:

    I request it to.. i want to learn how to play it and i don’t have inter on mi house…

  16. avatar Thepianoreaper says:

    I would like to request download on this one =) and I would be really grateful. I have such slow internet, and if I am going to learn this song (I am logging in and out of the internet all the time) I would have it much easier if I could watch it without internet =P

  17. avatar Arteliex says:

    ^_^ I tried learning this, but that front bit where the right hand starts going wiggy was just too much for me. I really like it though and i’ll learn it…someday. lol

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